Welcome to my love and interest in horses.  This page is dedicated to my riding, horse loving life.  I’ve ridden and had horses in my life for 50 years(!).  I mostly trail ride now, but have done a little of most everything with horses.  I love exploring trails, dressage, jumping, reining, and driving.  I incorporate TTEAM philosophy and methods of horse handling and training into my life.  All of us are happier for that.

This past winter, we began the transition to barefoot/booted and the horse’s feet have never looked better.  They are doing great on hard trails and moving very nicely.  I’m also experimenting with bitless bridles.  This is promising, but need more time to know how well it really will be.

And, if you’ve perused my “growing” posts, you’ve seen our new pasture, just developed this summer.

Meet my friends Skuggi, Faxi, and Kappi

Skuggi enjoying a roll in the grass.

28 years young and handsome as ever

Faxi and me at Gray’s Harbor beach, Washington state.  What a great ride this was.  It was beautiful, sun, wind, waves.

And here is Faxi as a baby.

Skuggi and Kappi in winter

2 thoughts on “Ride

  1. Lee Anderson

    Awwww so cute. I’m lee Anderson & part of the soaping 101 group. Just saw your post of,the beautiful blue swirls (wish I could do,that) & then noticed you had a blog that also included sewing & horses. Three of my favorite things! I lost my last horse two years ago,at 32 years young, Tiara ,the greatest horse ever. Not sure if I will ever be ready for another. It broke my heart. Had three foals from her, all gorgeous & have great homes. Sometimes we,get pics of them. Love it. I also quilted for years. Mostly wall quilts. Never liked making clothes. Made each of,my grand kids their own “birth” quilt. Love, love, love, your mermaid apron. I want one! ,I’m,down in sunny San Diego which I sometimes get sick of the good weather. Give me a storm please! Well just wanted to say howdy. Many blessings to you & your family, two legged & four. Lee

    1. Hi Lee, Thanks for stopping in! My oldest horse is 31 this year. The other two are nineteen and 15. My soaping has really cut into my riding time! I love sewing and horses; been doing both for over 50 years. My daughter loves mermaids so the apron was a fun project. Good to hear from you. May there be a storm in your future! ;^)

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