Beautiful plants

plantain dryingI just took a little meander around my yard and gardens, picking plantain.  This will be used for salves and creams.  Right now, it’s drying on the back deck before I infuse it into olive oil.

Plantain is an amazing plant.  It grows in the most unlikely places.  Gravel, walkways, parched spots?  Check!  Give it a little love and space and water, and it loves you back with lush huge leaves.

giant plantain leaf

Here’s a a leaf from a plant in the high tunnel and a leaf grown outside with no  care from me.  (I moved an outside plant into the high tunnel earlier this summer.)  They both have the same qualities, but the plants are loving the easy living with plenty of space and water.  plaintain big and little

It happily soothes abused skin along with its friends calendula, lavender, comfrey and St John’s Wort, just to mention a few.   Plantain is also very helpful for soothing bug bites and itchy skin.  I keep a jar of the salve in my car and next to my chair.  It’s that good!


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