New Girl workshop!

Finally, I am getting a new workspace.  I have massively grown out of my soap workspace and my sewing has taken over our guest cabin.  After much thinking, figuring and sweating over the decision, I decided to make the leap to build my own space.  One end of the building will be for my soap and body care things.  The other side will be a sewing and design studio.  If we ever sell this place, we will have his and her shops!

karens shop, started may 9,2016

Day two.  A lot of progress!  It looks like a building.

karens shop day two

Every construction project needs a building inspector!

karens shop, building inspector

Day three.  A roof and now won’t leak.

karens shop day 3

Day four.  Metal roof on, windows and middle divider started.  This is exciting!  I can “see” where my tools and workspaces are.  Can’t wait!

karens shop day 4

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