Sewing…one of my happy places.

I am working on a new quilting project this year.  It’s called Machine Quilting Block Party  (MQBP) with Leah Day.  Leah is a genius young woman and has a gift for teaching quilting.  You can find her here.  leah day quilting

MQBP is a block of the month project, so small do-able monthly projects instead of big projects that can overwhelm.

It’s June and we are half way through.  On to the pictures!  These are the first five blocks sewn and quilted.  I am using the “class” colors and following all directions for this first group.  I love the bright, sunny colors!

mqbp 5 blocks

I wanted to do this pattern in cooler colors and the one on the left is what I came up with.

mqbp color study 1 & 2

Not really pleased, so I continued to explore more color combos.  I used Joen Wolfrom’s tips on color from her Craftsy class “Colorplay.”   Here are the new colors.  I like it!


mqbp p,f,g quilted

What a difference quilting makes!

mqbp purple,fushcia,green

Here are two of the same blocks, different colors.  My quilting improved by the time I got to the second color blocks.   I love them both.

mqbpfpg 2 blocks

I’ll be updating this post as the year and new blocks come along.  Thanks for stopping by!

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