Currently available soaps 8/31/15

Updated August 31, 2015.  

  • My soaps are made with top quality oils and butters.  I use olive oil, coconut oil, sustainably produced palm and palm kernel oil, castor oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, illipe butter, sal butter, and mango butter in my recipes.   Not all oils are used in every batch.   I use only food quality sodium hydroxide in my soapmaking.
  • Soaps range in weight 4 to 4.5 oz cured.  Soaps are all handmade in small batches.  Each bar will be different and will vary from the photos.
  • Prices:  $8/bar    Shipping via USPS Priority Flat Rate and is $6 for up to 4 bars, $12 for 5 to 15 bars, and $17 for 16 or more bars.  If I can fit more bars in a smaller box, I will charge for  the lower priced box.


Avocado Soap made with luscious fresh ripe avocado.  This is awesome to pamper and wrap your skin in silky skin-loving goodness.  Scented with an herbal blend of basil, citrus and a touch of lavender.  Ready Now.

avocado soap 3.25.15


Carrot soaps made with fresh Alaska carrots from my garden and my brewed chamomile tea.  This  is unscented.    I orginally made this for my daughter who has sensitive skin.  She loves it!   (the color of the light yellow soap is not accurate in this pic; it’s a beautiful buttery yellow)

alaska carrot soap 2015

Beer Soaps made with Denali Brewing Company beers!  These are all awesome.  Left to right, Mother Ale beer soap (light citrus), Single Engine Red Soap (citrus), Chuli Oatmeal Stout Soap(rich, honey and oatmeal), and IPA Soap(fresh outdoorsy)

beer soaps 2015

Talkeetna Rain Soap    Reminds us of a storm coming over the mountains. Glacially feed streams race down the mountains, milky turquoise colored  from glacial silt. Smells like the fresh, clean outdoors.  One of our most popular soaps.

tka rain soap 7.23.15


Denali Granite Soap, reminiscent of the gorgeous Alaska Range.         In stock and 8 unscented bars.  Rich with skin pampering oils, vanilla bean seeds for gentle exfoliation, and facial clay for skin soothing silkiness.   Scented with a light scent that everyone loves.  I occasionally have this unscented also (yes, sometimes forget to add the fragrance!)  This is an amazing soap. Men, women, mechanics and gardeners love it; takes off grime, but leaves your skin soft and dewy.  It’s also a great body soap.  You’ll love it!    

denali granite soap 2015

Pawprints on My Heart Soap.  (for people, not dogs.)  Tribute to our furry friends, in several scents.

paws soap 9.22.14a

Black Raspberry Sage Soap.  Luscious soap with a grown up scent,  berries and herbal, but not too sweet.

black raspberry sage soap 2015  

Northern Lights Soap.  Beautiful, will remind you of Alaska’s Northern Lights.  

northern lights soap 4.24.15

Morning Bliss Soap (Lavender Latte.)  An awesome blend of lavender and coffee with ground coffee and a purple swirl.  And PURPLE GLITTER on top!!  Limited amount.

lavender latte soap and lip balm.

In stock!    Incredible Lavender Rosemary Mint Soap with French green clay and lavender swirl.  A essential oils for a peaceful soothing scent.  

lavender rosemary mint soap 6.22.14

Lilac Lavender Soap.  Beautiful and wonderful scent.  Smells like my lilacs in the background!

lilacs and lilac lavender 6.21.14

Sunshine Soap, a bright citrusy scent.


Girlie Granite Soap.  A blackberry-raspberry sage scent with vanilla bean seeds and a swirl of clay.   Awesome!

girls granite soap 3.15.15

LIMITED EDITION. When they’re gone, that’s it.   A FEW BARS LEFT.   Mother Ale with Attitude Soap.  Made with Denali Brewing Company beers.  Chunks of Chuli Oatmeal Stout, Single Engine Red and Talkeetna Dreamin’ soap in a Mother Ale base.

Confetti beer soap 7.20.14

Coffee Kitchen & Garden Soap.  My decadent soap recipe with freshly brewed coffee and ground coffee beans for texture.  You need this in your kitchen!

coffee kitchen & garden soap II



5 thoughts on “Currently available soaps 8/31/15

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  2. Mary Fountaine

    Your soaps just get more beautiful and impressive! I would like to buy some since I was saving one last bar and had to use it!

      1. Mary Fountaine

        Oops, I forgot to come back and check for a reply! I would be happy to trade. I’ll need to make up a list of available soap types. I have a “kind of” interactive website now but still very rusty trying to figure it out.

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