joie and karen, wedding day


My name is Karen (I’m the one on the right; my daughter on the left , on her recent wedding day in the Alaska mountains) and I’m a 50+++ Talkeetna, Alaska woman. I’m an RN, seamstress, quilter and lover of fabric, gardening,  books, old sewing machines and typwriters, horsewoman, and  animals. You can see that I love color! I am excited about our gardening this year. We have two new high tunnels to grow and garden with, greatly expanding our garden size. The high tunnels will (hopefully) help us to grow more veggies and fruits in the challenging cool and unpredictable weather near Denali. Fishing, gardening and taking care of our critters is my lifestyle.

I also have two Icelandic horses, a lab, a little Schnauzer, a Smooth Collie,  and three kitties. And LOVE flowers! And making soap! And sewing!

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