New Soaps (no longer new, will update soon!)

New soaps posted here.  They may (or may not) make it to my store.


Wild Hyacinth Soap.  Just awesome!  A bit of blue Cambrian Sea clay and Jojoba beads and a wee bit of glitter on top.

wild hyacinth soap


Tie Dye Moose are ready.  Several colors available.

tie dye moose soap

These are Black Raspberry Sage scented.  My daughter asked and here we are.

black raspberry sage soap just cut 11.25.14


Hibernale Beer Soap, Made with Denali Brewing Company’s Hibernale Beer.

hibernale beer soap




Alaska Layered Soap (need a better name for this!)  Love this soap!  Layers of carrot soap, raspberry seeds, blueberry seeds, cranberry fiber and rose hips.  A nod to some of Alaska’s great botanicals.

layered botanicals soap #2


Mother Ale Beer Soap, beer made by Denali Brewing Company.  A great soap on the curing rack now.

mother ale beer soap 7.20.14



This one I love.  In a Mother Ale Beer Soap.  Cubes of Chuli Oatmeal Stout beer soap, Single Engine Red beer soap, and Talkeetna Dreamin’ soap.  Curing now.

Confetti beer soap 7.20.14



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