Dirty Pour Soap Challenge

Back with Amy Warden’s soap challenge again, this one adapted from the dirty pour fluid acrylic technique. I used a Bastille recipe with olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil and castor to keep things fluid.

dirty pour recipeI used several color micas that seemed like they would look good, but I’m not so happy with the final product colors. I’ll try again with different colors. I used Apricot Freesia fragrance since I know it does not accelerate (learned this from an early soap challenge with Amy.)  I mixed oils and lye around 110 F and stick-blended to emulsion.

The slab mold is cut from a cardboard shipping box; I really need to get a real slab mold!  Here are my mold, couplers for pouring and the micas I used.  The micas teal, apple green and neon green, orange and neon orange and purple (which I forgot to put in the picture.)  I added a bit of pearly white (Brambleberry) to the plain batter.

dirty pour tools

And just the mold and couplers.  This cardboard mold was a bear trying to line.  As you can see, it leaked anyway.

dirty pour mold

I poured the green and teal in the outer coupler, the orange and purple in the smaller one.  Part way through, I poured the plain soap into the corners.   I finished pouring the colors and let the couplers drip onto the soap.

I think my batch was too deep to get really good movement when tilting it.  It stayed nicely fluid though, but I will use a smaller batch next time.  I think a shallower batch will work better.

So, here it is.  Not bad for a first try and rushing to finish.  Already thinking about the next one!

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