6 thoughts on “Garrett’s Quilt

  1. Virginia Parker

    Hi TalkeetnaGirl,
    I wish I had found this blog while I was up there, would have loved to have met you. I was there from October 6 until the 9th. I left there and went to Homer a couple days. I sure loved it in Talkeetna. Spent 3 nights at the Roadhouse.
    I love to sew and cook, and raise chickens. I live in Wyoming so it isn’t too much different lifestyle wise. However the environment is way different. WE have terribly high winds most of the winter along with snow, and wind chills below zero.
    I had been to Talkeetna 9 years ago and was only able to stay a few hours. This time I felt like I had come home.
    Hope to get back there in early May.

    1. Hi Virginia, What a nice note! I would love to have met you also. I’ve always thought I’d live in Wyoming near Yellowstone if I didn’t live in Alaska. (Maybe not with a lot of wind though) Isn’t Homer beautiful? I love it there. I love Talkeetna, too! I also love cooking and sewing. The last few years, I’ve done more quilting than garment sewing. We don’t have chickens; we both had chickens growing up and decided that would just be too many dependents! If you have time in the spring, drop me a line. I’d love to meet you. Karen Harvey

      1. Virginia Parker

        Hi Karen,
        Yellowstone is beautiful but it has gotten outrageously crowded and expensive up there. It’ nothing like up near Denali Park. I am seriously considering moving to Talkeetna. I am also and EMT. I think I could find a part time job at the clinic and sew for the rest of the time.

        See you soon

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