New soaps!

Here are some of my latest soaps.  I haven’t posted in so long, figured I should update this blog.

If you’re a gardener or work and get your hands dirty, this is the ticket.  My new Coffee Kitchen & Garden Soap.  Made with luxurious soothing and moisturizing oils, fresh strong coffee, and the coffee grinds.  Lightly scented with essential oils.  You’ll love this soap.

coffee kitchen & garden soap II



I got a new mold and have been played with that.  Here are two new soaps that have you dreaming of summer in Talkeetna.  Goes without saying, full of the best skin loving oils, tie dye, and a scent that says groovin’ in Talkeetna.

rainbow squeeze swirl 1 & 2


And, another new round mold.  This is a fabulous rose geranium, jasmine, lavender and patchouli blend.  Incredible!  (Sort of cosmic looking, don’t you think?)


Talkeetna Rose Soap



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