Soaping glitch

I haven’t made soap for a couple weeks; been working at my “real” job a lot. Today was the day. It’s been windy and cold here. We have a woodstove in the shop where I soap and it wasn’t really warm yet, but I started. Got my lye mixed and cooling, then started to weigh the liquid oils. Hmm, frozen. As frozen as oils can be. I put the bottle on the wood stove, where the fire was sputtering along. And then, the power went out. Very dark in my windowless room. I mixed micas by flashlight till I dropped it and it wouldn’t work. As my oils were melting on the woodstove, my scale timed out. So, quick calculating to figure out how much more oil I needed. Finally, I got enough oil and figured I’d pour the lye over the oils to melt them. No, temp there 64 degrees. Finally realized even if I got the oils to the right temp, no power meant no stick blender :*( Finally, power back, made my soap and I think it may be … pretty. We’ll see. Too much drama.  Cutting tomorrow.


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