PET plastics and why you want them

I recently have been asked if I recycle my plastic jars. The short answer is no.
The long answer is I don’t take jars back for reuse as I don’t have the capability to sterilize them.
However, I use PET plastic jars because they are recyclable and the consumer can recycle them. Or they make dandy button or penny jars. Another BIG reason I use PET plastic is that they are biologically inert; they won’t leach chemicals into whatever is in them. They also do not contain endocrine disruptors.
Are you yawning there? Here’s a link to info on Pet Plastics if you want to know more.
I don’t own stock in PET, I just think what we put in and on our bodies is important. So I spend the extra to use the safest containers I can find.  And that’s my PET story.


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