To infinity, and beyond…

I recently have modernized (grudgingly, then happily) my sewing world. My old workhorse machine bit the dust, needing an expensive repair that would not restore it to good working order. So, I now have a space age machine. It may be smarter than I am, but I will conquer. I love sewing and this machine is wonderful. So many features my old machine didn’t have; a thread cutter, push button start/stop, auto threader. Really, who would thunk? Amazing how much they’ve changed in 35 years!
Here’s a picture of of my new machine (white) with one of my Featherweights (black, and about 60 years old). I’ve been sewing on the Featherweights for years. Looks like a toy, doesn’t it?

Featherweight and Janome


2 thoughts on “To infinity, and beyond…

  1. Andee

    It is awful when a sewing machine bites the dust! That Featherweight is gorgeous! I’ve been learning how to repair my great-grandmother’s old Singer and it has been a labor of love!

    1. A soul sister! I love sewing, even more than making soap(!). I’ve been at it for many years and gives me so much pleasure. I do love my Featherweights! I also have three treadle machines. Such beauties and history!

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