Available in time for Christmas

People have asked what I will have ready for Christmas.  I’ll continue to update this page.  Here it is:

Chuli Oatmeal Stout Beer Soap                                                     Denali Granite Soap

picmonkey chuli beer soap 20131001_163617                  picmonkey denali granite 20130805

Talkeetna Sunshine Soap                                                                 Talkeetna Rain Soap

Sunshine Soap                   IMG_4670

Rosemary Lavender Mint Soap                                                       Raspberry Soap (colors vary)  Almost out of these Raspberry Soaps.

More curing witha bit of a different look.

picmonkey rosemary lavenver mint soapIMG_4756                     picm raspeberry soapIMG_4764

Talkeetnagirl Soap                                                                      Lovespell (ish) Soap (also matching body cream)

talkeetnagirl soap 9.16.2013                                    IMG_4783

Raspberry with rose hips and pink clay                               Raspberry with vanilla bean seeds

picmonkey raspberry rose hip clayIMG_4792            picmonkey raspeberry vanilla bean seed soapIMG_4785


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