Inspiration and trials

Aahh, the best laid plans… I made two trial batches of soap today. A peach scented, had never used the FO before, so am hoping it is as nice as it appears. I used three micas, yellow, orange and pink in a tilted tiger swirl.
On to batch two… the plan was raspberry scented in an elegant, scrubby type soap that is more appealing to women. I wanted to use rose hip powder, pink kaolin clay and a little TD in part of the batter. Excellent plan. Blended all parts and Oh Myyy… that rose hip part bears a striking resemblance to baby poop, yes… really. In desperation, I added some violet mica to part of the plain batter, turning it a really beautiful purple. Really, what dresses up baby poop better than purple? I persevered, and did a drop swirl (how appropriate). I am hoping it somehow morphs into a lovely loaf in shades of pink and purple. It could happen, right? Cutting tomorrow…
People have asked me at some craft fairs how I make such beautiful colors and how do I come up with my designs. Well, if you could have seen me today…



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