Fa la la la la

Oh yeah, time to get in the Christmas – holiday spirit, especially if you actually have to plan ahead for it, like making soap that needs weeks to cure and mellow.  In this spirit (I love the holidays, the smells, the holiday music and songs, the cookies, the presents!

So, I’ve been making soaps with a holiday twist.

This one is Christmas;  several shades of Christmas tree green with snow white and gold trim.  Elegant and just for the holidays, smells like Christmas.  Colors are similar with different swirly designs in each batch.


Here’s a warm lightly spiced apple wrapped in holiday colors.

These will be ready the first week of October.

xmas soap in picmonkey

And, Pink Peppermint for  Christmas.  Smells deliciious!  Ready October 13.

Talkeetnagirl Peppermint Soap 9.16.2013

If there’s something you’d like, drop me a line.

I’ll be at the Ravenhall  Holiday Bazaar at the Palmer Fairgrounds October 26 and 27, and at the Wasilla Senior Center Holiday Bazaar on November 1 & 2.  See you there.


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