Swirl in a Swirl challenge soap

Back to the soap challenges from Amy Warden at  http://greatcakessoapworks.com  This time it’s the swirl in a swirl.  I ended up making four batches trying for the perfect combo of color, movement and scent. Here  is my entry, the last batch I made.    Violet and peacock blue micas from the Conservatorie, titanium white, basic recipe.  I ddi a pale violet base, the swirl and then a darker violet for the top.   I think, for me, the key to this technique is having soap about the consistency of thin pudding.  And this is Lilac Lavender with a touch of grapefruit.  I love it!


Below is the one I thought would be my entry, but changed my mind at the last minute.  The scent is Black Raspberry from MMS and smells delicious.  I used my basic recipe, always excellent.  The bottom is uncolored.  The swirl is done with  violet mica and titanium dioxide tinted soap.  The top is tinted with hot pink mica and some added vanilla bean seeds. I wish I had made the pink layer more irregular, but overall  I am very happy with this soap.

This is the cut soap.  YES!


Below is my first attempt, not bad at all, but a bit “busy” for my taste.   Still, love the movement in the swirls.  After doing this one, I had not planned to make another attempt.  Glad I did,  I will likely use this technique again.


So, another batch, this time with green and white swirls, with blue and white swirls over the top.  Love the  suggestion of movement in this one.  Scented with lime and mint!


Here are all of them together.



9 thoughts on “Swirl in a Swirl challenge soap

  1. Your soaps all turned out great, Karen! I’m a little late on the commenting, but just wanted to say GREAT JOB! I really like the lime and mint one – it looks like multiple ITP swirls. Very cool. 🙂

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