Making a swirly soap

Here are a few pictures to give an idea how some of these snazzy designs are made.  Using a hanger to create designs in soap can be so striking.  I really enjoy this process and love the look of the soap.


Heres’ my mold with my dividers all set up to pour the soap.    The dividers are cardboard covered with packaging tape.  There will be three different colors poured to create the design.


Poured.   Through trial and error (emphasize error!)  I found I really need an extra set of hands when pouring the soap.  The dividers need to be held/stabilized while pouring or they will move and alter the pattern.  Curt graciously lent his hands and pouring skills to do this one.


Dividers have been removed.  Next step is to swirl.  I use a wire hanger bent to the shape of the mold along one long side.  I move the hanger back and forth through the soap while moving towards the top.  (sorry I didn’t get a pic of this)

july 1 2013

The soap has been hanger swirled and the top swirled.


The finished Mantra Swirled soap.  Scent is a fragrance called Crystal Blue.  Appropriate, I think.


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