Mantra Swirl results

Finally! My Mantra Swirl (thanks to Amy Warden, Great Cakes Soapworks  and Majestic Mountain Sage for setting this up)  that I think has some pizzazz! This was trial # 5 in this series, and the one that gave me the most trouble. I did not think it would turn out well!  (update:  I actually made six trials.  picture added; the blue, yellow and white was my first attempt)
Between fragrance  (a luscious jasmine-lavender blend with my own tweak)  accelerating trace, temperature and the planets not quite aligned for this project, it thickened quickly and was difficult to pour, more of a plopping instead of pouring.   (Great,  thought I, what a mess.)

I used my basic recipe which is outstanding; simple but fabulous on skin. I try to improve it, but truly, it’s just about perfect. I used hot pink mica with a little strawberry mica for the reddish part, green, and violet, all from The Conservatorie. (Wonderful stuff they have!)
For my previous trials, I did the two dividers so I had three separate sections of color. This one I decided to do just one divider down the middle and pour the middle color so it would sink in. So much for plans! Because it thickened so quickly, when I poured the pink center section, it just sat on the top.
Well, hay-ull. (As my mechanic would say) Dang and double hay-ull.
A mess, thought I. Tried to push the pink down with the divider, then a spoon, then a spatula. No cigar for this girl.
On to the hanger; maybe since it was so thick, the hanger would push it down. So, I pushed the hanger straight down the middle twice, then figured I would end up making it …murky. So, did the hanger swirl (down the long side and back and forth, going up a bit each time.
After all that, it’s my favorite of all my trials.

mantra 4

Here are all my mantra trials.  I like all of them, but hopefully learned and improved with each.


Here’s the first attempt (forgot it when I took the above picture)



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