Soap challenge 2013, Mantra Swirling

Back at the drawing board (or soap making counter).  My first attempt at this method was nice but not dazzling.  And I want dazzling!  The batch below is Lavender Rosemary Lemongrass scented.

These essential oils behave well, and don’t get out of control.   I used Egyptian Emerald green and shamrock green for my colors and plain soap for the white part.  I made two carboard dividers to section off the mold lengthwise and poured.  Unfortunately, I needed at least one more hand, and two would have been great.  My soaps leaked under the dividers; you really need to pour all three at the same time.

To swirl, I bent a hanger fit the mold lengthwise and covered the wire with a small strip of cardboard to make it bigger and have more effect when swirling.  I’m glad I did that.

I really like the way this turned out, but I know I do better.  I have wrangled my boyfriend into helping for the next round of pouring.





Here’s the first attempt.  Very nice, but not there yet.



And if you’re still reading, here`s a variation on this theme.  Two colors alternately layered, then hanger swirled.  Raspberry scented and a blend of micas for color.The swirling technique is a little different.  For this one, push the U shaped hanger down to the bottom on one long side, move it about a 1/2 inch or so along the bottom toward the other side, then pull straight up, advance about a 1/2 inch toward the other long side then push straight down.  Continue this until you reach the other long side, then pull straight up and out of the mold.  This is what you get.




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