Alaska summer is amazing!

We have had record breaking high temperatures and sunshine galore!  What a gift!  My garden had a very late start; we were gone and other commitments caused us to plant a bit late.  No worries though, all this sun and heat has made up for it.  And for the first time ever (for me) I have planted . . . corn!  If this sun and heat hold on, we should be able to harvest some.  It’s planted in my hoophouse to help boost the heat.  

One sad gardening note, almost all of our strawberries died during the winter.  Very demoralizing.  After much thought, I bought new plants from a local family.  Their strawberries are from local stock and my hope is the plants are hardy enough to withstand our winter weather.  We’ll see…Image

And the first official year of the horses grazing on our new pasture, five years in the making.  They think it’s worth it!ImageAnd here is the garden and hoophouse, an early season shot.



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