Soap challenge #3, mica swirl

Scroll on down for update on my soap.

I used my basic recipe with a couple changes for this challenge courtesy Amy Warden’s Challenge

I made a tea with lavender buds for my liquid, and shredded a bar of my Sweet Gypsy Rose soap into the batch at pouring. The tea was a pale purpley color and I was worried that it would turn out a washed out grey, so added a bit of purple pigment to strengthen the color (can never leave well enough alone! :<) The Sweet Gypsy Rose is a warm honey color with a light citrusy, slightly floral fragrance. I also added a little lavender and grapefruit EO to the soap batch. Wasn’t sure if the tea fragrance would last, though it was quite nice. I used violet and a gold mice from the Conservatorie; I think the swirl is going to be good! Here is a pic of the top shortly after pouring.

This morning, about 15 hours after pouring.  Quite beautiful!  Appeals to the sparkly, glitzy part of me!  (yes, it’s in there)

IMG_3712          IMG_3713

Will cut in a few hours…  Whoa!  Cut this puppy and holy S!#**!?!! (regain my composure…)

Taa Daa!   Introducing my Barbie on a Bender Soap (Bender Barbie for short).  You know those things where the parts are all outstanding, but the big finish isn’t quite what you expected?   Well, top quality ingredients here (my most excellent basic recipe), outstanding  real brewed lavender tea,  a shredded bar of one of my amazing beer soaps, and gorgeous mice swirls.  Well, this brings to my mind an aging , hung-over, overly made up Barbie.  The rest of you challenge folks should feel great about your efforts after seeing this.  Okay, back to experimenting.



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