Soap Challenge week 2

Week 2 of Amy Warden Soap Challenge is more intriguing than the first.  This is called an Elemental Swirl.  I’m quite happy with my results.  My idea was to pick up some of the look of an Alaskan sunset.  That needs a bit more work!  A good goal!

Here’s the link to Amy’s site.

I used my basic favorite recipe, but resized to the 48 oz Amy recommended. Unfortunately, my mold was not large enough, so at the end I had extra soap and poured it into a couple molds I have.

I used pink, violet, green and blue micas, and cocoa powder for the line. I like the way it turned out, though I had wanted more vivid colors. Since I had not used the micas before, I stayed conservative; I would double the amount next time. I used a fragrance from Majestic Mountain Sage “Posh Petals” (love it) and the micas from The Conservatorie.  Happily, the fragrance did not accelerate the trace.
My oils and lye solution was 85 degrees, to make it all workable.  I enjoyed this challenge and will absolutely do it again.  





7 thoughts on “Soap Challenge week 2

  1. Very pretty, Karen! I use about 1 tsp. of mica per cup of soap with the micas from The Conservatorie for a nice, bold color. Still like the pastels – very nice swirls!

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