Baby quilt

I just finished a quilt for a friend’s new baby.  I love the way this turned out!  When I was putting the squares together, I thought it was going to look a little “conservative.”   As usual, adding the border, the quilting and binding really transforms this piece.  I am improving my skills with every project; this is by far the best yet.  I used Minkee on the back because it is so incredibly soft; nice for a baby.  I’ve washed it, so no surprises for the new family.  On to the next project.Image


2 thoughts on “Baby quilt

  1. Carol Windley

    Beautiful! You must have inherited some of my mom’s talents. She has made quilts for all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I have at least 5! She also made two small quilts for my cats. They’re all beautiful and I’ll treasure them forever. Remind me to show them to you whenever you come to visit.

    1. Thanks Carol. You know, my mom used to call me Ruth quite often. Said I reminded her of her sister. Quite an honor. I’ve seen a few of Aunt Ruth’s quilts; I can only dream of ever reaching her ability and level of skill. Something to aspire to!

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