A challenge challenge

I learned of a soapmaking challenge this week.  http://www.greatcakessoapworks.com/handmade-soap-blog/index.php/category/making-soap/soap-challenge/ from Amy of Great Cakes Soapworks  I am looking for techniques to expand my skills and knowledge, so signed up. Warning: soap geek info ahead!
It involves using a particular technique for layering the batch to create a striking (hopefully) contrast. The challenge is to manage the fragrances, temperatures, additives to create the swirl before the saponification process accelerates too fast to manage.  Another try in process.  This was fun and love the way it looks!

Unveiling…love the lavender!

challenge tiger stripe3/27/2013

closeup of top.  I think it’s beautiful!


A side view


First cut!  Ooooh!  Pretty!


All cut.  I like it!


I photograph all my soaps on the side of the house.  Ta da!  And the fragrance, what else?  Lilac lavender!

challenge 3.27.13


21 thoughts on “A challenge challenge

  1. Marika

    Very pretty stripes and the contrast between the colors is nice. It looks like you did not have any problems with that Lilac Lavender fragrance.

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