More Swirly Soaps

I’ve added body cream to my creations and it’s delicious on your skin.   I recently made an amazing citrus blend swirl soap with chamomile tea.  Think just peeled oranges.

I wanted to try a different pigment for swirling and tried a blue swirl with a very fresh, outdoor scent.   I love this one, too.

Chamomile Energy Soap

Chamomile Energy Soap

Rain Orchid Soap
Rain Orchid Soap

There are many resources if you’re interested in making your own soap.  The ingredients are simple and you’ll end up with a skin loving bar that is made of your good oils and ingredients.   Everytime I shower, I feel pampered.  And I get to be at my home, one of the most beautiful places I know.


Today, I’m planning to sew and make lip balms.  I’ve been giving the stuff  I make to friends, so time to replenish my stock.  Have a great day everyone.


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