Soaps, soaps, soaps, Oh My!

More soaps and other luscious luxurious indulgences.  Pumpkin Pie soap…wish you could smell it, just like freshly baked pumpkin pie.



Here’s my second batch of coconut lime soap.  I used green clay and coconut; it feels and smells wonderful.

cocnut lemon lime

And, my daughter and I made all kinds of wonderful things this past weekend.  This lovely citrusy-floral soap with pink clay turned out beautifully.  Can’t wait to start using it.


And lastly, for chocolate lovers.  Here’s a batch of cocoa butter soap on the left and chocolate swirl soap on the right.  Amazing!



2 thoughts on “Soaps, soaps, soaps, Oh My!

  1. These are some lovely soaps! It looks like you are having fun with soapmaking. Those Chocolate Swirl and Pumpkin Pie soaps look delicious, but really, all of the soaps look fantastic!

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