Quilts for little girls

Update: a picture of the finished quilts, and just below is a closeup of the quilting.

nicole and alexandra quilts IMG_2854

I have been working on lap quilts for grandaughters.  The young ladies are about 7 and 8 years old.  I rarely see them since we live so far away.  But , I love sewing and I know they will enjoy their quilts and think of us when they snuggle up with one.



And, here’s one I’m making for me.  I’ve laid it out on the floor with some of the border strips.  You can get an idea of how it will look.  It will also have another darker blue border outside the rainbow strips.


I’m going to have this quilt professionally quilted; it’s too large for me to handle.  The lap quilts, though, I will do.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.


5 thoughts on “Quilts for little girls

  1. Consider quilting the larger quilt yourself as well. I’ve done king size ones on my domestic machine and with a side table to hold the weight you would probably do fine with this one too. Just a thought.

    1. You are certainly giving me something to think about. I’ll give it another try. My past (far past) experience with a large quilt was difficult. In retrospect, it turned out okay, but nothing special. I will try again this winter when I have more time, and get an area set up to do it. Thanks for the encouragement! PS I like your blog.

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