Wild and crazy garden, or plants love all this Alaskan daylight

Wild garden…

Plants grow crazy in the long, nearly 24/7 sunlight (or maybe should say light) days.  Our tomatoes plants have actual tomatoes on them and the fruit is beginning to turn color.  About 65 degrees and gorgeous today.  The plants just love that.

A view of the hoophouse and garden July 18, 2012.  The white tape is to keep the horses away from the salad bar.

Baby Brussels Sprouts, with at least 6 weeks of growing to go.

Broccoli from my garden and freshly caught and grilled Talkeetna Red Salmon.  Nothing better!

Raspberry transplants doing well.  Still need to build the raspberry jail to contain them.

Sun Gold tomatoes turning the gorgeous gold color.  I believe the leaf curl is due to

some cold nights we have had this summer

Our pasture that was planted a little over a month ago.  We just started cutting some grass from here and feeding the horses.  We are keeping them off it till next year so the grass can get well established.  Beautiful, isn’t it?


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