The growing part…

 Our garden is starting to look good!  Seeds are up and doing well.  The little bed of strawberries are healthy and blossoming.

I added bonemeal to plants today and a weak Alaska fishmeal watering.  We also amend our soil with composted horse manure.  We don’t use chemical fertilizers and find this works really well.  Soils here are acidic, so a bit of lime sweetens the earth.  Our hoophouse is ventable today, thanks to Curt making rollup sides.

I put Burpee tomato cages on six of the tomato plants .   Plan to get more of these cages next year and  I highly recommend these.  They are well made and easy to use.  Further reports as the plants grow.

It has been a cool, cloudy spring and beginning of summer.  Potatoes  (Yukon Gold, French Fingling, All Blue, Magic Molly, German Butterball), planted about 3-4 weeks ago, carrots (Johnnies Select Seeds Sugarsnax, Bolero), beets (Chiogga, Merlin, Cylindra, Touchstone Gold), peas (Sugarsnap, SugarAnn) all doing excellent.  They’re happy with cool weather.

We plant in raised beds, a must for good results in Alaska.   We originally filled the beds with purchased “topsoil”, which is virtually sterile and doesn’t grow much of anything.  We have added composted horse manure every year and our plants are much happier.  I loosen the soil with a pitchfork in the spring after it thaws.  This maintains the soil structure (while creating “friable” soil that is recommended by experts) and lets all the soil bacteria and microbes live in their happy  place.

A couple shots of our newly cleared future pasture, and our house.       


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