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Alaska, Cook Inlet from Ninilchik
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Raining today, cutting salmon to smoke and freeze for winter.  They are beautiful, dipped from Cook Inlet at the Kenai, silvery-irridescent blue, red salmon.  Simply grilled with a sprinkle of sea salt, freshly ground pepper and a little butter.  Amazing.

Three Icelandic horses are very interested, clanging the pipe fence for attention and more food.  (horses are such foodies)  Dogs hoping for dropped salmon.

Garden is green and wet from a rainy, cloudy summer.  I’m considering pulling up the shelling beans I planted.  They stand shivering in the cool; they might be more useful enriching my compost pile. Brocolli, brocolli raab, kale and red Russian kale ready to cut. We have been thinning and eating beet greensCarrots are starting to get become little carrots and over a month left of good growing time.  I’ll check the potatoes and see if any baby potatoes are ready.

How are your gardens doing?    I’d love to hear from others with a farming, homesteading inclination.

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